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Out of my depth, going out of my mind.


Dr. Garth Mattock
12 January
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Name: Garth Mattock
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Profession: Gym Leader

Gym Number/Location: 2nd Gym, Apricot City
Gym Badge: Fern Badge
Gym Type: Grass
Gym Prize: TM19, Giga Drain (It’s the same one as Erika gives but that couldn’t be helped, the alternatives were Energy Ball, Solar beam (which you don‘t want to give people just after the second gym) and Bullet Seed (which is bullet seed))
Gym Puzzle: Garth’s gym is separated into two parts. The gym itself is smaller than most of the other gyms in the region but is located behind a rather impressive hedge maze. There are easy paths down the sides but trainers aren’t allowed to use them. The berries on the hedges are a favourite food of a lot of the local wild pokemon. This wasn’t the original intention but Garth likes it and does little to drive them off. As such trainers will run into wild pokemon as they attempt to navigate the maze.

The gym trainers patrol the maze, battling trainers who are doing well, guiding trainers who are doing badly to the way they came in and the pokemon centre and making sure people aren’t damaging the hedges. There are large signs throughout the maze warning trainers not to use cut. Though the grass pokemon at the gym are capable of restoring the hedges quickly a lot of small pokemon make them their home and could be injured. Ignoring these signs and using cut is a surefire way to anger Garth and he has been known to refuse to battle trainers who are caught doing so.

Once a trainer gets past the maze and enters the gym there are no more obstacles or trainers. The gym itself contains a great many berry plants and trainers are allowed to use the berries from them to restore their pokemon before battling Garth as long as they ask first.

Gym Pokemon: Gym Leaders have access to any other Pokemon at their Gym on account of their status, but what Pokemon are kept at their Gym? Please stick to type and pick no more than ten, with no more than two or three having achieved their maximum evolution. These can be separate from their personal team, and they have the right to mix and match.

Gym Pokemon: Bellsprout
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moveset: Acid
Vine Whip
Leech Life

Gym Pokemon: Exeggcute
Gender: Male
Moveset: Hypnosis
Leech Seed
Bullet Seed

Gym Pokemon: Nuzleaf
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Moveset: Bide
Razor Leaf
Fake Out
Worry Seed

There is also a Meganium in the gym but she is very old and as such unsuitable for battle. Like a lot of the grass pokemon there she helps Garth to create medicines. Garth’s Chikorita is her grandchild.

Notable Possessions:
Badges Collected: None
Favourite Pokemon: Shuckle, it’s funny looking and cute and very, very useful. He liked Paras a lot before he knew what evolving did to them, now he finds them kind of creepy.

Appearance: Garth is a little shorter than average. His skin is quite tanned and he has short, messy dark green hair and yellow eyes. He dresses quite casually most of the time and, working with the element he does, tends to amass soil and grass stains very quickly.

Personality: Garth is quiet but not unfriendly, he doesn’t enjoy starting conversations unless he has something he actually wants to talk about. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence in his abilities as a gym leader but he can fake it well enough. He rarely shouts, preferring to talk in a very quiet voice because it forces people to shut up and concentrate on what he’s saying.

Despite his quietness he is not shy. If he disagrees with someone he is unafraid to voice it. He is also quite stubborn and will not back down in an argument.

He is very much a politeness freak. He will never forget his own pleases and thank yous and expects the same of others, sometimes refusing to acknowledge a trainer’s challenge until they’ve asked for a battle and said ‘please’. He is quite knowledgeable about alternative medicines and will happily suggest them be they berries for pokemon or some of the more bizarre old wives’ tales for treating colds. He isn’t fond of conventional medicines like potions and will not use them on his own pokemon. He is likely a source of endless annoyance to the staff of the local pokemon centre as he has a habit of trying to persuade them to use medicine made from berries over what they currently use.

He is very, very camera shy, so much so that it borders on being a phobia. He hasn’t been photographed other than for identification since he was twelve and will leave the room if he sees someone with a camera. With improving technology he’s also become wary of telephones and just about anything else that looks like it could potentially take a picture.

He is difficult to anger, to really properly anger anyway, he will express irritation with people quite quickly. However while it hasn’t been seen since the beginning of his second year as gym leader said anger is terrifying.

Hometown: Garth was born and raised in Apricot. He spent some time in Kanto studying on Kin Island but was rudely dragged back home three years ago.

History: Garth never actually wanted to be the gym leader. While he shared his father’s passion for taking care of Grass-type pokemon he was far more interested in their application to medicine for both pokemon and humans. He was happy to let the title pass on to his younger brother instead. At 18 he left the region to study the use of different berries in medicine.

His younger brother, however, who was now supposed to take the title was not a good egg. He fell in with a rather dodgy crowd and found himself in trouble with the law a few months before their father was planning to retire. Rather than have the city known for having a gym leader with a criminal record and not wanting to give up the gym to someone outside of the family Garth’s father dragged him home to do the job.

Garth was not pleased but took the position anyway rather than refuse his father’s commands. He struggled awfully during the first year, having studied medicine rather than learning to battle, but the pressure meant he picked it up incredibly quickly. In the following years he has done far better, though he has still to shake the reputation he gained during the first year for being a gym leader with no skill.

He has never quite forgiven his father for dragging him away from his nice safe studies into the gym and all the criticism that followed. Though at this point the would not give his position up for the world their relationship is strained at best.
Extra: As I mentioned before, his first year as a gym leader was also his first experience with battling pokemon at all and though he found his feet remarkably quickly and has become a capable trainer faster than should reasonably have been expected of him he did pretty awfully during the first year and hasn’t managed to shake the reputation yet. Because of this he’s also more harsh on trainers than he really should be.

Pokemon Team:

Pokemon: Chikorita
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Short Bio: Chikorita is the son of Garth’s father’s Meganium which is in turn the child of the Old Meganium that lives in the gym. He is an energetic pokemon and finds tending the gym’s plants to be a bore. He would much rather be playing or battling. He spends most of his time in the maze outside the gym, pretending to lead lost trainers in the right direction but actually getting them more lost. He thinks this is hilarious.

Garth is putting a lot of pressure on Chikorita to evolve as Bayleef’s ability to speed up recovery would be very useful to the local pokemon centre. Chikorita doesn’t appreciate the pressure at all and as such is doing no such thing.
Moveset: Razor Leaf
Vine Whip
Poison Powder

Pokemon: Hoppip
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Short Bio: During a particularly bad storm, an injured Hoppip was blown into the hedges around the gym. Garth’s Chikorita found it the morning after, stuck in the hedge and unable to struggle free, and proceeded to pick on it. Garth found the two of them an hour or so after that and scolded Chikorita, taking the hoppip into the gym and using berries to help it recover.

Hoppip wasn’t really Garth’s pokemon but it liked being inside the gym a lot. Having the windows open gave it enough breeze to play without being carried off again. Hoppip ended up in a battle by floating absent mindedly onto the battlefield and the challenger attacked before Garth could explain that he hadn’t chosen hoppip as the pokemon he was using but it did a lot better than he had expected it to be capable of and eventually became part of his chosen team.

Hoppip is easily distracted and while it loves helping Garth out with tending the berry plants in the gym it’s usually not much help because it’ll just play around instead. Garth carries a handheld fan around to play with it if there’s no wind.
Moveset: Sleep Powder
Cotton Spore
Mega Drain

Pokemon: Parasect
Gender: Male
Ability: Effect Spore
Short Bio: Parasect is the pokemon Garth is best known for, both his strongest battling pokemon and one that sees a lot of use in his creation of medicines. The two were previously very close, he caught it in Kanto when he first went there, but since it evolved and the parasitic mushrooms on its back took over his own pokemon isn’t there anymore and it has been little more than a tool to him. Garth is searching quite frantically for a way to reverse the process but so far has found nothing. Parasect cares little for its trainer and follows orders because it gets fed.
Moveset: Poison Powder
Giga Drain

He also has a male Shuckle. It is there solely to help with medicine creation by creating berry juice and wouldn’t join in battling even if it was a grass type. It can be seen wandering aimlessly around inside the gym.

Sample of a LJ Post: Hoppip giggled as Garth held the small fan underneath it, letting it glide around the gym next to him as he selected the riper berries from the plants, dropping them into Shuckle’s body. Hopefully the medicine would be ready within the week.

He twisted the fan slightly, sending Hoppip shooting off ahead, and laughed quietly as in the absense of wind it span around slowly to the ground. The cottonweed pokemon ran back, crying out happily and demanding to do it again.

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