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11, Unsatisfactory.

Apr. 24th, 2009 | 12:11 am

...failed to avoid fatalities in the fire. Failed to prevent Team Sol from getting hold of a powerful pokemon. Failed to be present or have the gym open for most of the month. Three full days illness leave in the aftermath of failure to prevent Team Sol from aquiring the fossil. Gym closed for two full weeks.

It's childish of me to hide up here. He's stubborn, he won't leave no matter how long I make him wait. This won't acheive anything.

I don't need him telling me I've done an unsatisfactory job this month. I already know.

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10, Healing

Apr. 10th, 2009 | 09:50 pm

The police are finally done with their ingestigation. They've allowed me to restore the hedges. I will take Meganium to regrow them in the morning.

The burned pokemon are mostly ready to be released back into the wild. Some are afraid to return. They will need to be placed in new homes. The gym will open to challengers for a few hours a day once the hedges are regrown, there are still some injured pokemon but returning things to normal is a priority. Maybe once things are back to normal I'll be able to sleep.

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9, Aftermath

Mar. 27th, 2009 | 10:59 pm

Casualty Report:

Among the wild pokemon three Nincada, an Illumise, two Volbeat, two Sentret, a Tangela, four Budew, two Silcoon, one Cascoon and at least nine Kakuna have been killed by the blaze. Possibly more, a lot of the pokemon who made the maze their home would easily burn completely and leave no trace. A nest of Spinerak Eggs has also been destroyed.

The wild pokemon injured by it are too great in number to mention induvidually but include an Ariados, a great many Volbeats who were hurt trying to get to the dying Illumise and just as many Beedrill who were reluctant to leave the Kakuna to get to safety.

Among the pokemon owned by Gym Trainers, there have forunately been no deaths. Several injuries have occured.

The gym will be used to house the injured pokemon until further notice. I will be taking care of them during this time. Challengers will not be welcomed. Volunteers to help the pokemon will be.

Gym Trainers, I would appreciate your aid but you are not bound to help. Consider yourselves dismissed until further notice. You will return to the gym once it reopens.

Jasmine, I need to speak with you urgently. I cannot leave the gym to examine your Blastoise but if you could bring him to Apricot I am still glad to help you.

...this is all horrible. I should have been able to foresee something like this.

I suppose I should thank the brave trainers who helped to recover pokemon from the blaze. Without your aid this situation might have been far worse than it already is. However I hope you all realize that running into fires is a very bad idea.

I breathed in far too much smoke, I still can't breathe properly.

...it should pass soon enough.

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8, Yanma

Mar. 9th, 2009 | 08:26 pm

The festival went well. I am glad, a lot of people put a great deal of effort and preparation into it. Thank you, my gym trainers, for helping out and making sure everything went as smoothly as it did. I know a lot of you missed out on attending events that you wanted to because you were busy and I apologise for that.

There is a Yanma in the hedges. It's quite rare to see them outside of swarms. I plan to see if I can persuade it to stay here, they are beautiful pokemon and with luck its presence here will persude more of them to gather around Apricot. Unfortunately it seems to have a habit of flying into Ariados webs. It has done so three times this week. I am concerned that there is something wrong with it, Yanma are usually capable of seeing and avoiding such dangers with ease. It is way seeing one is so rare.

For now I shall continue to make sure it doesn't get eaten and hope that more arrive.

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Feb. 22nd, 2009 | 01:22 am

Hey I'm jumping on the bandwagon (is it a bandwagon when there's only 2 people?)

Tag OOC or IC with more questions if you like <3 (OOC would produce more honest answers). If you're wanting to tag IC feel free to know the stuff that's here for just this journal~

These irritating questions.Collapse )

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7, Spring Festival

Feb. 19th, 2009 | 01:39 pm

There. I left the gym. Happy? I'm glad to be back. If I'd realized Ester was leaving for the afternoon I wouldn't have gone. It would have been nice to have a moment's peace and quiet.

It was interesting, I suppose. I hadn't seen Gia since she became champion last summer. I'll admit I'm a little curious about that note I recieved. Not enough so to do anything about it, though.

Preparations for the spring festival seem to be going well. The locals seem to be focussing more on food and game stalls than on the grass and bug pokemon that the festival is supposed to be celebrating but I shouldn't really complain. It gives me free reign to do pretty much what I like.

It's a shame that they're ignoring what this city's essentially built upon, though. The closest a lot of them are coming to celebrating thier produce is selling it in their stalls. I suspect that at least a few of them are being deliberately contrary because they dislike me personally.

If anyone wishes to perform at the festival, please let me know.

A nest of Volbeat's shown up in the hedges. It's nice to watch them fly around at night.

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6, Sweet Scent

Feb. 12th, 2009 | 01:33 am

First the thefts, now preparations for the spring festival...if this continues I won't be able to leave for Sinnoh until next year.

Since she learned Sweet Scent, Hoppip's taken to making all the gym pokemon follow her around. It's amusing to watch her lead them around the plants, though the gym's Chikorita keeps trying to eat her. I'm not entirely sure what to do about that. It works well to coerce the maze's pokemon into cooperating with me, though. If there's an emergency or if some moron tries to cut thier homes and they all fight back it should prove quite useful.

[Failed Private]

The bruises have healed. Why can I still feel his hands around my neck? I cannot even blink without seeing it over and over again. Hoppip's sleep powder is the only reason I've been able to get any sleep at all.

...This is childish of me. I should not need to mentally prepare myself to walk between the gym and my home. I should not be dreading the spring festival just because I am obliged to be outside during it. It is understandable that I'm shaken, he almost killed me, but this is rediculous.

The gym is safe. Even if nowhere else is I know that the gym is safe. Perhaps if I say I am unwell I will not be forced to leave.

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(no subject)

Feb. 3rd, 2009 | 04:18 am

[Private to Gym Leaders]

The Rocket's after information on the stolen pokemon. I don't know why but if they change hands then retrieving them suddenly becomes a lot more difficult.

He's also after badges. Again, I'm not sure why but assuming he has none that means he'll be headed for Tamaki soon enough.

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(no subject)

Jan. 21st, 2009 | 11:02 pm

To all, Urgent.

I need this information as quickly as possible. Anyone who has had boxed pokemon stolen, was a porygon deposited in the affected box at any time?

[Private to Gym Leaders]

It's just a suspicion but considering recent events I do not feel it is unfounded. My sample size was insufficient to prove anything.

Yasushi, if you still wish for the nurse to be tracked, Tamaki and one of my Gym Trainers have offered to deal with it. They have all the information they'll need.

I am probably going to be forced to sleep once the worry seed wears off. I suppose it's for the best, I have more work to do tonight.

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5, Parasect. Again.

Jan. 16th, 2009 | 01:10 am

Considering recent events, comparing me to a rocket was in somewhat poor taste.

If I truly didn't care about Parasect, he would not be in my gym. Keeping him here is ...difficult. I would not do so solely to use him as a tool.

However until I restore him, he is not my friend. He is a parasite and an imposter at best and, if the worst has happened, a killer. To treat him as anything else would be an insult to Paras and to allow him to replace Paras, knowing what it has done to him, would be crueler of me than it was to force him to evolve in the first place.

Ugh, why am I even explaining myself? Parasect isn't anyone's business but mine.

The Gym will be closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week. I have managed to arrange meetings with Professor Rowan and Aaron of Sinnoh and so will be out of the region. Hopefully speaking to a bug expert and the leading mind in the field of evolution I should gain some useful information.

Gym Trainers should check the noticeboard inside the gym, I've assigned each of you times to patrol the maze in case people enter it and become lost. Other than that, I expect you to use the days to train or study. Though since I have no way of checking up I sincerely doubt that you will. Three of Exeggcute's heads will be left in the usual places in case you need to contact me in an emergency, though I should be available through normal methods of communication. I will not, however, be able to return quickly. In an emergency you should also inform Tamaki. Oddish and Bellspout will be in charge of taking care of the plants so you should have no reason to enter the gym.

Tamaki, the trainer you left with me chose to leave the gym. She will not be returning.

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